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connectors experimental galera main
Brandon Nesterenko
MDEV-13915 Review Increment

* Code cleanup
* Reverted rpl_parallel_optimistic_error_stop test to old
  changes as the non-determinism was fixed by a later commit
* Moved previously general test case from
  rpl_stm_par_stop_slave_quick to the _common test file so
  the behavior is validated in row format as well
* Added T,N,T,N,T test case to ensure transactions are
  executed up to the last N, and not after
* Misc test case improvements

Note the rpl_parallel.test wait_for_done() debug_sync comment
has not yet been addessed
Brandon Nesterenko
MDEV-13915: STOP SLAVE takes very long time on a busy system

The problem is that a parallel replica would not immediately stop
running/queued transactions when issued STOP SLAVE. That is, it
allowed the current group of transactions to run, and sometimes the
transactions which belong to the next group could be started and run
through commit after STOP SLAVE was issued too, if the last group
had started committing. This would lead to long periods to wait for
all waiting transactions to finish.

This patch updates a parallel replica to try and abort immediately
and roll-back any ongoing transactions. The exception to this is any
transactions which are non-transactional (e.g. those modifying
sequences or non-transactional tables), and any prior transactions,
will be run to completion.

Reviewed By:
Andrei Elkin <[email protected]>
Sergei Golubchik
enable ColumnStore only on selected DEB distributions
Sergei Golubchik
more C API methods in the service_sql

for columnstore
Sergei Golubchik
Merge branch 'bb-10.6-release' into bb-10.6-release
Sergei Golubchik
Merge branch '11.0' into 11.1
Marko Mäkelä
MDEV-31234 related cleanup

trx_purge_free_segment(), trx_purge_truncate_rseg_history():
Replace some unreachable code with debug assertions.
A buffer-fix does prevent pages from being evicted
from the buffer pool; see buf_page_t::can_relocate().

Tested by: Matthias Leich
Lena Startseva
MDEV-31407: Add aliases in opt_trace.test for long column name for removing "--disable-view-protocol"

Change tests:
Sergei Golubchik
Merge branch 'bb-10.4-release' into bb-10.5-release
Oleg Smirnov
MDEV-25080 Fix crash for CREATE TABLE from pushed union

During st_select_lex_unit::prepare() the member select_unit*
st_select_lex_unit::union_result is being assigned to an instance
of one of the following classes:
- select_unit
- select_unit_ext
- select_unit_recursive
- select_union_direct
Select_union_direct used to pass the result of the query directly to
the receiving select_result without filling a temporary table. This class
wraps a select_result object and is currently used to process UNION ALL
queries. Other select_unit_* classes involve some additional result processing.
Pushed down units are processed on the engine side so the results must be
also passed directly to a select_result object. So in the case when
the unit pushdown is employed st_select_lex_unit::union_result must be
assigned to an instance of select_union_direct.
Brandon Nesterenko
MDEV-13915: Fix binlog_encrypion.rpl_parallel
Brandon Nesterenko
MDEV-13915: Compilation fix

Removed inline (to re-add later)
Sergei Golubchik
Merge branch 'bb-10.5-release' into bb-10.6-release
Brandon Nesterenko
MDEV-13915 Address buildbot failures

Note the update to binlog_mysqlbinlog_row_trans shows
that thd_arg->transaction.all.modified_non_trans_table is
preserved for mixed multi-engine N/T transactions where
the N statements are logged directly as separate
transactions, resulting in the final T transaction
Brandon Nesterenko
MDEV-13915: Added wait_for_done PSI stage

Extended other tests to wait for the slave sql thread
to notify worker threads to abort before allowing paused
transactions to continue. Otherwise there would be a
potential race condition where a thread could continue
to the commit stage before noticing the abort.
Brandon Nesterenko
MDEV-13915 Mixed-multi engine case
Brandon Nesterenko